F. Simon Grant

I'm a fiction writer and a collage artist.

Urthona and Rintrah: The Last Days of Dr. Strange, Vol. 2
2 years ago
Peter B. Gillis, my favorite Dr. Strange writer of the 1980s, debuted two underrated and tragically forgotten alien creatures in the same storyline that brought volume 2 to an end: Rintrah, the green ...
When Clea Ruled: The Neglected Love of Dr. Strange
2 years ago
Roger Stern and Peter B. Gillis defined Dr. Strange in the 80s, and Stern was especially noteworthy in chronicling Clea’s rise to power in the Dark Dimension, peaking with Clea’s defeat of her mother,...
The Forgotten and Undying Ones: The Most Compelling Dr. Strange Stories You Probably Missed
2 years ago
In anticipation of the movie version of Dr. Strange, my favorite character since I started reading comics, I attempted to reread all the Dr. Strange comics in my possession and often such a massive re...