Gabriella Zicarelli

Music and film enthusiast. Freelance writer. Student. Novelist in progress. Hopeless daydreamer. 

Twitter: @BusyWiggin

Toronto, Canada

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11 Times Larry David Was the Most Relatable
a month ago
Whenever I’m asked to list celebrities or on-screen characters I most relate to and the initial few moments of thinking over my response passes — it’s a big decision, okay! — the perfect answer finall...
Why It's Time to Stop Labelling Harry Styles
2 months ago
The fact that Harry Styles has been labelled a womanizer and frankly, has been objectified in every possible way since he was just seventeen years old, is not something that's gone amiss with the vast...
7 Times James Corden Won the Talk Show Host Game
2 months ago
James Corden has easily become one of the most beloved talk show hosts on late night television these days, and it’s no head scratcher as to why. He’s hilarious, confident, charming, genuine, and hila...
7 Stars Who Are Redefining Men's Fashion
2 months ago
Male celebrities challenging what it means to “dress like a man” is nothing new. Seriously, just ask your parents, or visit Google and you’ll find out all about the "groovy" 70’s. There were a plethor...
8 Musical Numbers That Are Truly Iconic
2 months ago
Whether it's cheesy high school flicks, romantic comedies or campy horror, there is no shortage of iconic movies that have kept moviegoers entertained through the years. More specifically though, what...