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Aspiring Journalist, World Traveler, Movie Lover, Friend to the People, Blerd, on twitter @garyisabellejr 

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Most Anticipated Movies, TV, and Video Games for 2019 ('Blerdin Out' Podcast Season 2)
6 months ago
(Writer's note: I took advantage of Vocal's Deal with Sonix so the following text beneath was pulled from our podcast.) Welcome to season 2 of Blerdin Out!! Season 1 was kind of short order. I am the ...
'Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse' Film Review
7 months ago
Our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man has had an interesting go of it the last few years, hasn’t he? Spider-Man's recent cinematic exploits have been interesting. Spider-Man’s Sam Rami trilogy ended with a studio-forced mess in Spider-Man 3. After deciding that Spider-Man needed a reboot, enter Andrew Garfield under the direction of the aptly-named Marc Webb. Those movies had excellent core character chemistry between Garfield and Emma Stone’s Gwen Stacey. The film tried to do too much to set up ...
Imperial Dreams and Getting Lost in the Netflix Shuffle
2 years ago
Netflix, the DVD service turned streaming giant, has evolved and changed with the times. The company has stepped beyond its humble beginnings to become a significant player in the entertainment world....