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A Dedicated Fan Campaign Has Remained Strong After Netflix's Cancellation of 'Everything Sucks!' Over a Month Ago
a year ago
I previously wrote about the premature cancellation of the Netflix original series Everything Sucks! and how an online campaign was immediately formed in hopes of convincing the service to reverse the...
Fans Are Letting Netflix Know They Are Not Happy with the Decision to Cancel 'Everything Sucks!'
a year ago
It seems as though many are not ready to say goodbye to the crew of Boring, Oregon. The Hollywood Reporter exclusively learned that Netflix chose not to renew its coming-of-age series Everything Sucks...
Netflix's 'Everything Sucks!' Is the Perfect Blend of 'Freaks and Geeks' and 'Stranger Things' (Minus the Demogorgons)
a year ago
A series set in the mid-1990s about a group of high schoolers living in a town called Boring; this is the very basic synopsis of the new Netflix original series titled Everything Sucks! At first glanc...
Vin Diesel Opens up About Paul Walker's Impact on 'the Fate of the Furious'
a year ago
It's hard to believe it has been more than three years since we lost actor and humanitarian #PaulWalker when he and friend Roger Rodas tragically lost their lives in a fatal car accident. Since his de...
'It' Gets the Anime Treatment as Fan's Pennywise Artwork Is Transformed into a Video
a year ago
No one could have possibly predicted just how successful the recent adaptation of Stephen King's It has been. Its continual breaking of box office records doesn't seem to be slowing down and fans are ...
Everybody Wants a Taste: Nick Jonas's 18 Greatest Instagram Pictures
a year ago
Nick Jonas does not kid around when it comes to his body, and he has a number of pictures on Instagram to prove it. The "Jealous" singer recently posted his progress in the gym while preparing for his...