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'The Simpsons' Is Breaking Records with Its Recent Renewal Through Season 30!
a year ago
In the words of the immortal Homer Simpson, "woo hoo!" Everyone's favorite cartoon family has been a staple on television for almost thirty years and it certainly does not show any signs of slowing do...
"Say Goodbye to These, Michael!" Appreciating the Running Gag: a Staple in Comedic Television
a year ago
Besides having diehard fanbases, long-time running TV comedies share another commonality: the Running Gag. #TheRunningGag is defined as "a joke whose humor derives from repetition, ideally becoming fu...
Make Some Room on Your Walls for 6 of the Best Movie Posters of 2016
a year ago
Creating an awesome and memorable movie poster is a pretty challenging feat so when the few beauties stand out, they stand out. With 2017 slowly creeping up, I figured there is no better way to celebr...
The Best Is yet to Come: December 2016 Has Some of the Best Movie Releases of the Year!
a year ago
Another day, another dollar thrown at the mighty machine that is called Hollywood. There is one more month left until we begin the 2017 movie year and although there have been a few hits this year, th...
Rejoice in the NSFW! Let's Take a Look at 10 of the Best Banned Movie Posters of All Time
a year ago
Movie posters can be a beautiful thing. We all have certain ones that fall into our personal greatest of all time lists that we will gladly hang on our walls... The following, however, I would suggest...
Christopher Nolan Set to Make the Richest Deal Agreement Since Peter Jackson for His Upcoming Wwii Epic 'Dunkirk'
a year ago
You know what Christopher Nolan needs more of? Money. Thankfully, his upcoming project Dunkirk will grant him that need and then some.