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11 Fictional Movie Kids We Would Love to See Hanging out with the 'Stranger Things' Crew
2 years ago
Netflix's Stranger Things has invaded both our pop culture references and our hearts.
The Top 5 Highest-Paid Movie Roles in Hollywood History
2 years ago
You have probably heard by now the rumors about Sony allegedly offering the James Bond of the past decade, Daniel Craig, $150 million to reprise his role as the friendly neighborhood super agent, 007,...
"Honey! Where Is My Super Suit?" an Appreciation Post of Some of the Greatest Superhero Costumes in Film
2 years ago
What defines a figure that attempts to save humanity is not only their character traits or their humility, it's how nice they look in their respective costume, baby (yeah). From Superman's iconic red ...
'The Light Between Oceans': Captivating Showcase of the Simply-Not-Fair-Talents of Fassbender & Vikander
2 years ago
The Light Between Oceans may just be my favourite film of the year.
Why Joe Fox from 'You've Got Mail' Is a Terrible Human Being and Is Probably Also a Sorcerer
2 years ago
The 1998 classic You've Got Mail directed by the late & oh so great Nora Ephron and starring Tom Hanks & Meg Ryan in their third collaboration tells the story of Kathleen Kelly (Ryan), a woman who wan...