Hannah Burton

I am recently married, a super senior in college, and a student manager at my school's gym. I love the outdoors and watching movies. I am also aspiring to be a published author and writing everyday, here, will help me accomplish that dream.

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10 Best Anime Series
a month ago
Now there are some really good anime stories out there, but I consider these 10 to be the best. These series are also longer than a couple seasons, so that's already a huge plus!
‘Justice League’: Movie Review
2 months ago
Currently I am watching the newest installment of DC comics, the Justice League. I know really late. My brother said it is better than all the Marvel movies and the rest of the DC films. That was not ...
'American Assassin:' Movie Review
2 months ago
This movie starts off so celebratory, for Dylan O'Brien's character just gets engaged. Then, a terrorist group comes up the beach and starts firing on all the tourists, killing O'Brien's fiancé. His c...
9 Best Comedy Anime
2 months ago
Not only are these anime shows hilarious, but they have everything else you could want: action, romance, growing friendships, and flashbacks.
'Black Clover': Anime Review
2 months ago
From the creators of Fairy Tail comes Black Clover. It's a story about two orphaned boys, Asta and Yuno. Asta is a physically powerful person that has an amazing willpower, but is a sweet guy at heart...
Home Again: Movie Review
2 months ago
Home Again is a movie starring Reese Witherspoon, Michael Sheen, and Nat Wolff. It is about a group of boys who are wanting to get their movie produced and filmed in Los Angeles. And also a woman, who...