Hannah Burton

I am recently married, a super senior in college, and a student manager at my school's gym. I love the outdoors and watching movies. I am also aspiring to be a published author and writing everyday, here, will help me accomplish that dream.

Home Again: Movie Review
a day ago
Home Again is a movie starring Reese Witherspoon, Michael Sheen, and Nat Wolff. It is about a group of boys who are wanting to get their movie produced and filmed in Los Angeles. And also a woman, who...
20 Movies You Need to Watch Out for in 2017
25 days ago
There are some killer movies that are coming out next year. Here are the nominees!
'Teen Wolf': That Series Finale Sucked...
a month ago
The series Teen Wolf started in June 2011 and just ended this September. I love this series, but the ending of it was terrible. There were so many things wrong with it. Let's just talk about the last ...
Disney Live Action Cast for 'The Lion King'
a month ago
This film is going to be directed by Jon Favreau, who has been in the acting world quite awhile and has a very good filmography. This will be his 21st movie as a director and 24th as a producer, so he...
Easter Eggs Hidden in ‘Stranger Things 2’
a month ago
First off, there are going to be a lot of spoilers, so if you haven't watched this show yet, wait and then come back and view this because these might be some things that you may have missed. But thes...
10 Best Indie Movies
a month ago
These movies are mostly romantic, but they really hit you in the heartstrings.