Harriet Christabel

Harriet Christabel is a writer living in Scotland. When her depression and anxiety let her, she enjoys knitting, reading, a good mystery and true crime. 

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My Top Six Reads of 2018
4 months ago
While my personal life was a bit of a firestorm this year, my reading life has been very healthy! Here are my six standout reads from 2018:
Six Stories My Mother Gave Me
8 months ago
I have always loved books, and I give my wonderful mother full credit for encouraging and indulging that love when I was growing up. She started by reading to me, and when I was older we'd stand in fr...
Six Modern Fairy Tale Movies You Should Check Out
9 months ago
While I tend to like a tightly wound drama or a harrowing documentary, there are some days where I love a fairy tale. Here are six movies that never fail to give me that little hit of magic whenever I...
Six Books I Love
10 months ago
I recently got tagged in a Facebook challenge to post the covers of six books I loved without any commentary. I love challenges like that; they remind me of all the wonderful books I've read over the ...