Henry Kronk

Copyeditor and freelance journalist. Born a Sagittarius, making him “fun-loving, spirited, and energetic,” according to Astrolabe.com.

Funniest Dumb and Dumber Scenes
3 years ago
The year was 1994. While Serbia continued to bomb its own citizens in the regions of Bosnia and Herzegovina, two starry-eyed brothers who at one time wrote on Seinfeld made their directorial debut. Ll...
Brutal 'Game of Thrones' Deaths
3 years ago
Game of Thrones is here once again, and we’ve got to thinking about what the program means to us. Deep character relations? Certainly. Interesting political intrigue? Undoubtedly. A wide and varied st...
Best Amazon Original Series
3 years ago
They’re selling you stuff. They’re flying drones. They’re employing a bunch of hip gentrifiers on the West Coast. They devour competition like school of piranha. Amazon is growing ever more intimidati...