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'Wild C.A.T.S': Worthy of the Silver Screen?
10 days ago
DC is reviving one of the dopest, most underrated comic superhero teams out there, and I want all of the smoke that comes with it. Jim Lee deciding to bring WildC.A.T.S. out of mothballs to spearhead ...
'Static Shock': Worthy of the Silver Screen?
24 days ago
Soooooo... I'm a Static Shock stan. There... I said it. I've read a lot of comics and watched a ton of DC-based animated shows over the years, but Static's presence in DC via the Dakotaverse represent...
Who Will Be the MCU's Next Big Villain?
2 months ago
Avengers Endgame weekend has come and gone, leaving all sorts of emotions for fanboys, fangirls, and casual fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe to deal with. Besides the sense of closure that comes ...
Marvel Characters We Could See After 'Endgame'
4 months ago
The insanely successful first phase to the Marvel Cinematic Universe's evolution is about to reach it's climax with the release of Avengers Endgame later this month. While Marvel purists and casual vi...