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Why You Should Support Independent Film
a month ago
Whether you're a cinema-goer, a film critic, or you're working on your own independent project, it is highly important to invest in independent cinema. Here are the reasons why.
Seven A-list Actors Who Regularly Collaborate with Indie Directors
2 months ago
Hollywood's leading stars are known for their big-budget blockbusters which gross millions. Here are seven A-listers who take time out to work on independent projects that are about passion and not about the paycheck.
'We the Coyotes' Review
2 months ago
On Sunday 30, September I went to London to attend my first-ever film festival, The Raindance Film Festival. I enjoyed it thoroughly with it being the UK's biggest independent film festival, and whils...
'BlacKkKlansman' Review—Warning: Contains Minor Spoilers
3 months ago
I watched BlacKkKlansman this Tuesday and walked out onto the carpets of the cinema foyer feeling tears prickling in my eyes. It was a dramatic change from the tone that had been felt throughout the c...
12 Indie Teen Movies that Are Perfect for a Girls' Night in
4 months ago
Planning that Friday night movie binge with your besties? Fancying something different to cheesy flicks like 'Wild Child' and 'The Girl Next Door'? You've come to the right place - here are 12 iconic teen movies produced by independent studios that will have you and your friends dying with laughter, grinning like idiots, and reaching for the tissues all at the same time.
Upcoming Indie Films You Definitely Need To See
5 months ago
There's no better time to be a fan of independent cinema than right now—have a look at these long-awaited features coming to a cinema near you in Summer and Autumn this year.