Isaac Shapiro

When not scrounging the internet for the best content for Jerrick Media, Isaac can be found giving scritches to feathery friend Captain Crunch.

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Uwe Boll's 11 Best Worst Movies
2 years ago
If there’s one name gamers and cinephiles alike have come to despise it’s Uwe Boll. He’s a German director who’s made a surprisingly good living grabbing the rights to middle tier game franchises and ...
The 'Dark Tower' Explained
2 years ago
There are a few consistent certainties in life: death, taxes, oh and Stephen King. The prolific author has produced so much work that it pretty much guarantees someone will always be trying to turn on...
Everything in Dorne in 'Game of Thrones' Is a Complete Waste of Time
2 years ago
So basically one of the main issues with the Song of Fire and Ice novels is how George RR Martin loves to keep on expanding and growing his world. But this becomes an issue when he’s reaching the tail...
What Is the Appeal of Pickle Rick In Season 3 of 'Rick and Morty'?
2 years ago
Adult Swim’s Rick and Morty has become a full-blown phenomenon that has seeped into mainstream culture. You know you’re big when people are complaining that the fan base has grown to become insufferab...
Darkest Comic Book Storylines
3 years ago
Comic books may have started out as something that was meant to be sold to children alongside packs of bubblegum, but in the past few decades the audience for comics has grown-up with them. Publishers...
Most Powerful Comic Book Characters of All Time
3 years ago
For years millions and millions of fans all over the world have followed comic book characters. Maybe it stems from the desire to be immortal, but the strength that comic book characters posses is a o...