Jacob Elyachar

Jacob Elyachar is an award-winning journalist, pop culture fanatic, and social media lover. He writes for both jakes-take.com and Vocal. When he is not writing, Elyachar does CrossFit, listens to music, and volunteers in his community.

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Milestones & Debuts Are Highlighted in DC Comics' February 2018 Solicitations
2 years ago
Tired of thinking about conversation starters to use on Thanksgiving? DC Comics just released it's February 2018 solicitations! GEEKS has its take on the hottest books that are worthy of Cupid’s flami...
The Greatest 'Justice League' Episodes of All-Time
2 years ago
Before DC Entertainment brought the Justice League together on the Silver Screen, Warner Bros. Animation brought DC Comics’ super seven for an epic cartoon series that elevated the team’s profile. GEE...
Actors Who Should Reprise Their Roles for the 'Thriller' Rap
2 years ago
Michael Jackson’s Thriller will always be a part of any Halloween party playlist. The spooky music video has been viewed over 10 million times on YouTube. It also has been lauded by some of the biggest media publications as “the greatest music video of all-time.” Part of the credit should go to the legendary horror actor Vincent Prince, who voiced the Rod Temperton-written monologue halfway through the song. The late actor only performed his sinister rap in front of a studio audience during a ta...
Avengers Go Weekly as Marvel Welcomes January 2018
2 years ago
The House of Ideas is about to have a blockbuster start to January 2018! Geeks has the inside scoop on some of the most prominent stories that will rock the Marvel Universe.
DC Comics Welcomes January 2018 with Big Storylines
2 years ago
While everyone is making last-minute costume decisions, DC Comics is all ready to set 2018 on fire! GEEKS teases some of the hottest stories that you need to keep an eye on for this new year.
Conroy, Hamill, and Savage Headline Saturday's NYCC
2 years ago
Saturday is usually the busiest day at New York Comic Con (NYCC). The Jacob K. Javits Convention Center is packed with hundreds of thousands of fans, so expect long lines at Artists’ Alley and gridloc...