Jaime Burbatt

My name is Jaime, I'm 19 years old & my dream is to be an author 

Were Eric and Donna Really the Perfect Couple?
5 months ago
That 70’s Show is one of the most iconic television shows and young people are still crazy for it. Older generations can watch it for that seventies nostalgia, young adults reserve a different kind of...
Stephen King & the Ambiguously Gay Trope
6 months ago
The collected work of Stephen King reads as a who’s who of strange monsters, bone-chilling villains, and the characters created within the cycle of his classic tropes. King is not only famous for his ...
'That 70's Show's' Biggest Mistake
9 months ago
Like any good TV show, That 70’s Show is not perfect and infuriated its own audience with a series of mistakes. The downfall of this extremely popular show is usually credited with the eighth and fina...
Ross Geller from ‘Friends’ & Why He’s Not That Bad
a year ago
One of the most popular television shows in recent years was the hit sitcom, Friends, which was about six young adult friends living in the same apartment complex following them as they face life and ...