Jake Frommer

Avid game designer from a very progressive family.

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Most Underrated Marvel Superpowers
2 years ago
Throughout the history of mankind, there has been one question that has either divided or united those that give an answer. It is a question asked by children and adults like. What superpower is the b...
Most Memorable Video Game Levels
2 years ago
There are missions, and then there are adventures. The levels that defy expectation, and take you into unfamiliar territory. These are the moments that shock and enthrall us. They give us a glimpse of...
Movies That Need Video Game Adaptations
2 years ago
Every year, we see another video game get its debut on the big screen. Yet so rarely do we see the opposite. Even worse, when we do, the games are often rushed or not up to the standards serious gamer...
What Games Do Game Designers Play?
2 years ago
The video game market is oversaturated with content. With countless games lining the virtual shelfs, it can be hard to find the most interesting and inventive. But that doesn't mean they’re not out th...
Common Traits of Gamers 
3 years ago
Gamers come in many personality types. Their preferences and play styles are varied. Though gamers can be separated by platform or genre, they share common traits. The will to win, to player harder, a...