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Writing, movies, and video games, the ultimate combination. Also known as the Canadian Movie Buff on YouTube.

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The Date Change for 'Infinity War' Is Bigger than You Think
3 days ago
Robert Downey Jr. and Marvel Studios rocked the world when they announced that the third Avengers film would be pushed ahead from May 4 to April 27, meaning that fans would have to wait one less week ...
Oscars 2018: Which Movie Will Snag the Top Prize?
18 days ago
The Oscars are back already, and they've arrived at a monumental landmark with their 90th ceremony. As the fateful Sunday approaches, experts have given their picks for what movies will scoop up which...
Predicting the 2018 Box Office
a month ago
2017 was another year full of blockbusters, but above all else, it was a year of surprises. Whether it was The Last Jedi getting ripped to shreds by fans, Justice League performing worse than Man of S...
10 of the Most 'Meh' Movies of 2017
2 months ago
To put it lightly, 2017 was an interesting year for movies. Logan became the first movie since The Dark Knight to break the superhero mold, Wonder Woman topped every Marvel film at the domestic box of...