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Writer, confessed geek and pop culture enthusiast, loves film, TV and video games. Blogged and written for various websites on all the above. 

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Twin Peaks: In Memoriam III
2 months ago
A Further Tribute to the Twin Peaks Actors Sadly No Longer With Us
'Twin Peaks': Audrey Horne - Dance of the Dream Woman
3 months ago
In a series full of open-ended mysteries and narrative cul-de-sacs, maybe none was more contentious among Twin Peaks viewers than the story of Audrey Horne in The Return. Detached from the main cast, ...
Twin Peaks Revisited: Technological Magick
6 months ago
Thematically Twin Peaks is interested in exploring profound truths behind the nature of our existence, and perhaps none more curiously than the role of electricity in our world. In a broad sense elect...
'Twin Peaks' Revisited: Introduction
9 months ago
2017 has been an amazing year for Twin Peaks. Twenty six years after the original series ended, Twin Peaks returned triumphantly to the pop culture landscape, bigger in scope and bolder in execution, ...
'Twin Peaks' 2017: The Evolving Enigma of Judy
10 months ago
As a show created from the essence of mystery, Twin Peaks has always driven its narrative with questions. From its original legendary promotional tag-line of "Who killed Laura Palmer?" to Season 2's d...
'Twin Peaks' 2017: 'The Final Dossier'
a year ago
SPOILERS AHEAD There's no doubt that many fans were stung by the lack of answers, or even references, The Return gave to character's fates and plot points that had been left perilously unresolved in t...