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Writer, confessed geek and pop culture enthusiast, loves film, TV and video games. Blogged and written for various websites on all the above. 

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'Twin Peaks' 2017: The Evolving Enigma of Judy
5 days ago
As a show created from the essence of mystery, Twin Peaks has always driven its narrative with questions. From its original legendary promotional tag-line of "Who killed Laura Palmer?" to Season 2's d...
'Twin Peaks' 2017: 'The Final Dossier'
a month ago
SPOILERS AHEAD There's no doubt that many fans were stung by the lack of answers, or even references, The Return gave to character's fates and plot points that had been left perilously unresolved in t...
'Twin Peaks' 2017: Laura Is The One
3 months ago
It's been a hell of ride since the finale of Twin Peaks: The Return. Watching the two-parter live was unforgettable, a bracingly raw emotional experience that ran the gamut of thrills, laughs, unbeara...
Twin Peaks 2017: "I'm Like the Blue Rose"
3 months ago
A few weeks ago, I wondered what further secrets Diane Evans had in store for us; in Part 16 we found out two of the most devastating and shocking yet. First, the terrible truth came out that many had...
'Twin Peaks' 2017: There's Always Music in the Air
4 months ago
The soundtrack to the original Twin Peaks is one of its most iconic and adored elements; Angelo Badalametti's evocative score, created in direct collaboration with Lynch himself, does an incredible jo...
Twin Peaks 2017: The Phantom of Phillip Jeffries
4 months ago
Although it's the story of Laura Palmer first and foremost, Fire Walk With Me's show is arguably stolen by the disturbing first (and so far only) appearance of FBI Special Agent Phillip Jeffries. Play...