James Lizowski

Spends his days making his own Star Wars figurines. His craft has driven him to look towards the future, drawing inspiration from past technological advances.

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Western Saloon Fights
2 years ago
Western films will always have a special place in our hearts. They are movies that talk about the wild frontier, of gunslinging heroes and evil bank-robbing villains. They're the kind of films that you feel tough just watching, and as a result, give us an wild ride in the world of yesterday every single time. Of all the movie tropes found in Western movies, Western saloon fights are the most well-known. They're entertaining, and make bar fights look way more action-packed than they probably were...
STARZ Spartacus Geek Auction
2 years ago
“I am Spartacus!” Yes, I know it’s a meme, but it's been around since before memes even really existed—and I know that because I really love that movie. As much as I liked the classic film, I enjoyed ...
Emotional DC Comics Moments
2 years ago
The comic book world is filled with emotional DC Comics moments. While Marvel has had its fair share of stellar scenes, one cannot deny the heaviness of DC Comics at times. After all, the comic book p...
Great Movies with Little to No Dialogue
2 years ago
We all love a good talky, a film that has a brilliant script full of witty one-liners, illuminating voice-overs, and an iconic “You can’t handle the truth” catchphrase. But that’s not all that cinema ...
Best TV Shows Based on DC Comics
2 years ago
If you love comic books, checking out some TV shows based on the DC Comics universe is simply a must. So when you feel the need to return to Gotham City or want to explore the Starling City underbelly...
Best Joker Depiction in Games, TV, and Movies
2 years ago
Is there any comic book villain more iconic than the Joker? Short answer, no. No other villain has reached the height of popularity on par with the hero they’re in constant battle with than the Joker....