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They Can't All Be 'Endgame,' Ranking 2019's Superhero Movies By Anticipation
5 months ago
Now that we're in the Golden Age of superhero movies, it's easy to forget how lucky we are. Just 20 years ago the closest thing we had to an interconnected superhero universe was ... that Thor and Hul...
Blunder Mifflin: Why a Revival of 'The Office' Is a Terrible Mistake
7 months ago
Back in December 2017, TV Line reported that NBC was looking to bring back The Office. At first read, this seemed like great news! The Office is hailed by many as the "perfect sitcom," with a colourfu...
How Marvel Should Introduce Spider-Woman
2 years ago
Spider-Woman is probably the most yearned for character in the MCU. She's smart, resourceful, and agile. Just to clarify, I'm talking Jessica Drew. In the comics, Jessica Drew was a former agent of HY...
Suicide Squad, Slade Wilson's Return, and Connor Hawke —What a Day for DC
2 years ago
My mind is exploding as I type this. Today is a day to be marked in the history books. We have confirmation on the Suicide Squad roster and cast. The Joker will be returning to the big screen with Jar...
Harley Quinn Joining Batman vs Superman? Robin? The Jena Malone Mystery!
2 years ago
Okay so today we found out that Jena Malone has a confirmed role in Batman vs. Superman, but we don't know who. Well, let's look at the few clues we have: We see pictures of Jena Malone talking to Zac...
Beneath the Explosions, the New 'Wonder Woman' Trailer Revealed Both of the Movie's Villains
2 years ago
It's been just over two years since DC and Warner Bros. announced Wonder Woman, the first solo outing for their flagship heroine. A lot's happened for DC in those two years, including (but not limited...