Jax Dillard

Aspiring Film maker/Actor/Video Editor/Director


I am a high school student diving deep into my passion for movie making. These stories are of my movie making experiences, personal adventures, or informational pieces.


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Short Films: 'The Grinch 2: The Return'
7 months ago
The Grinch has a sequel! Who would have thought, am I right? If you read the last article (and hopefully you did) on the first Grinch short film then I am pleased to tell you this was made in the exact same fashion and amount of time. The Grinch 2: The Return by my friend, Aaron Gray, was written because we wanted to continue the plot of what our friends and other peers astonishingly enjoyed from the first one. We had no objection to making this and took on the project with open arms because, li...
Short Films: 'The Grinch: Strikes Back!'
7 months ago
Recently, as a high school student, I joined my school's A/V Tech and Film (a.k.a Broadcast) class. When I say recently, I mean as of last school year. Being in film is something I enjoy thoroughly, and I can even see it in my future as a career. I realize that I am making this sound more like a blog than a "story" or article, however, personality in the first of hopefully many stories may be essential. In today's story, let us explore the creation of this sloppily done, yet "creative" creation ...