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I love movies, music, sci-fi, writing, and art. I'm a certified graphic designer and love to be creative as much as humanly possible. ⨺

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Let's Face It: 'Clue' Is the Funniest Movie You've Probably Never Seen
a month ago
Audiences were first introduced to a film adaptation of the classic Parker Brothers murder-mystery game, Clue, back in 1985. Despite having a cast of comedic stars such as Tim Curry, Madeline Kahn, an...
10 Moments Janis Ian Was the Hero We Deserved
a month ago
High school is that stressful place almost everyone has been to. While some seemed to find enjoyment out of it, a majority of us couldn't wait to walk out of the doors and never return. Someone who sh...
Here's Why 'Chasing Amy' Is Kevin Smith's True Cinematic Achievement
a month ago
Most people would say that Clerks is director/writer Kevin Smith's best film. I beg to differ. Smith has built an eclectic filmography, with films ranging from comedy to drama to horror, and a long-ru...
4 Ways The Joker's Story Is Better In The 'Suicide Squad' Official Novel
2 years ago
Believe it or not, it's now been a year since we received the extended cut of Suicide Squad. While some fans were satisfied, others are still a bit peeved over the lack of screen time for Jared Leto's...
'Suicide Squad' Mistakes: Did Continuity Errors Damage Harley Quinn?
2 years ago
Harley Quinn is no doubt one of the brightest stars in Suicide Squad. As a character, she's manipulative, funny, psychotic, and unpredictable ... which is exactly how Harley should be. Margot Robbie r...
4 Reasons Why The Joker & Harley Quinn Spinoff Needs to Be a Prequel
2 years ago
The DCEU is continuously (and confusingly) expanding, and despite what audiences have to say about it, more and more projects keep joining the lineup. In addition to the rest of the Justice League cha...