Jerrica Bertram

Hi, I'm Jerrica and welcome to my diary. 

Informal, but still serious.

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Best Shows on Netflix
8 months ago
Let's start off strong and let me introduce to you the CW reboot hit Dynasty. This has become one of my favorite shows and I just recently binged all twenty-two episodes of the first season in about t...
'Insatiable' on Netflix
10 months ago
If you don't know what Insatiable is or even Netflix, you must live under a rock and how are you even reading this? This show was first teased a few months ago and had so many people excited for a sho...
Netflix Favorites List
10 months ago
Before I start naming and going crazy with a big list that never ends, I should say that you may or may not love these shows or movies as much as I do but I'm happy to make my list anyway. I would als...
New 'Orange Is The New Black'
a year ago
Okay, so, this show is probably one of my favorites on Netflix. Ever since the first season I was absolutely and utterly hooked on it, most like the majority of the world. Waiting for each new season ...