Johann Hollar

Other than being single and still living with his mom and sister, I have attended Minnesota State University Mankato where I received my Bachelors in History with a Minor in Philosophy.

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The Unfinished
2 days ago
I grew up with cartoons like King Arthur and the Knights of Justice, Exo-Squad, Pirates of Dark Water, and various other memorable cartoons of the 90s and late 80s. Sadly, many of them never got the e...
'Flash'—the Series
5 days ago
Becoming a fan of the series was not all that difficult. I like Flash because I could use his abilities anytime to get from here to there and back home again. But this post isn't about why I like The ...
6 days ago
With the Gotham series coming to an end and an Alfred Pennyworth series coming in 2019, one does wonder what's to be in the future for the Dark Knight. On this post, I will promote some ideas as to wh...
20 days ago
Since Tyler Hoechilin appeared in Season two of Supergirl alongside his cousin the Girl of Steel, DC fans are wondering if there would be another TV series featuring the man of steel. If there were to...
Why Not Do These 2?
4 months ago
Welcome back to the next instalment of my series. Previously I had done video games (of which I shall go back to eventually) and I am now taking my focus towards the movie industry. Read and enjoy wha...
Comics They Should Try Making into Anime/Manga
4 months ago
For those of you who are familiar with Marvel Comics, you need no introduction to this particular movie. After watching this awesome film, it got me thinking about what else they can do anime/manga wi...