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'Into the Mirror'
5 days ago
For years, the film industry has faced justifiable criticism for its lack of diversity, representation and inclusion. Recently, we have begun to see a push back against this stagnant attitude and a new film, Into the Mirror looks to push the conversation further.The film, which tells the story of Daniel (Jamie Bacon), a young man struggling with his gender identity, as he begins his new life in London. Through numerous struggles, and his boss, Harry (John Sackville), preying on his vulnerability...
'The Things We Leave Behind' Review
8 days ago
Grief is an experience we all are faced with at some point in our lives, and The Things We Leave Behind addresses the differences and similarities of that process through the eyes of Mia (Isla Campbel...
Croissants at Dawn
4 months ago
Breakfast TV has changed a lot over the years, and with an ever-changing society, the fight to be at the top grows fiercer. The main event, the match to beat all matches, rests between two morning sho...
'A Star Is Born' Review
5 months ago
It is a rare phenomenon where a movie rings true to its title, yet A Star Is Born is defining of this. Not only is an acting star born in Lady Gaga, a singer and director in Bradley Cooper, but also a movie that showcases much more than the rise and downfall of success and fame. There is a scene early on where Ally (Lady Gaga) sashays her way down a bar singing a jaw-dropping version of “La Vie en Rose.” Her vocals are perfect, emotional and resonate throughout the watching crowd, including rock...
Review: 'Bad Times at the El Royal'
5 months ago
After the trailer debuted, not much was known about the latest movie from The Cabin In The Woods director, Drew Goddard. We were exposed to the tone, texture, feel and title for the movie, but what wa...
Be a Paul Newman
5 months ago
Throughout the years, Hollywood has always been the hub for glamour, wealth, romance, talent and in some cases failure. But in recent years, all those points have been eclipsed with scandal after scan...