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I love analyzing, theorizing, and writing about movies and politics. Check out my stories on Pixar, Harry Potter, Back to the Future, Star Wars, Marvel, and WAY more!

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'Mission: Impossible – Fallout' Is the Best Film in the Series With Thrilling Action and Twists
5 months ago
Everyone has their favorite Mission: Impossible movie. Some loved the first one, some loved Ghost Protocol, and others loved Rogue Nation. Before watching the next film in the series, Mission: Impossi...
'Wreck-It Ralph' Theory: Was King Candy Vanellope's Father?!
5 months ago
I really wish I was alive back in the late 1970s so that I could be one of the fan theorists who correctly predicted that Darth Vader would be Luke's father in The Empire Strikes Back. But I was conce...
'Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald' Official Comic-Con Trailer Breakdown!
5 months ago
I'm a little bit too happy right now to write a good introduction to this article. So, let's just jump into it. Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald is coming this November, and the official trailer was just released at Comic-Con. So, I'm gonna do a frame-by-frame analysis of the trailer to make predictions about the film, while also giving information.
Everything You Need to Know About 'Mission: Impossible – Fallout'
5 months ago
I haven't written about it, but I am a pretty big fan of the Mission: Impossible franchise. Well, to be more honest, I'm a bigger fan of the more recent MI movies. The first two sucked. And since Miss...
Top 10 Best Moments in 'Die Hard'
5 months ago
If you're an avid action movie watcher like me, then you have to have watched Die Hard. The 1988 Christmas action thriller is definitely my favorite action movie of all time, and its sequels, while no...
Pixar Theory: Who Are Boo's Parents?
5 months ago
For years, Pixar theorists have been wondering about who Andy's dad is in Toy Story, and whether the cars in Cars are really cars or just animals that look like cars. And one of the most profound ques...