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'Captain Marvel' Is an Entertaining Superhero Film Despite Not Being One of Marvel's Best
4 months ago
I promised reviews for Fighting With My Family and Isn't It Romantic, but I don't have much to say about those movies. Fighting With My Family is great and funny and one of my favorites this year and ...
A Message for the People Skipping 'Captain Marvel'
5 months ago
Last year, I released two articles in a little comedy series I do: one was "A Message for Parents Taking Their Young Kids to See 'Deadpool 2'" and another was "A Message for People Who Talk During Mov...
'How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World' Is an Unusually Well-Executed Trilogy Capper
5 months ago
The Godfather Part III, Spider-Man 3, Alien 3, The Matrix Revolutions. ... These are just a few examples of third installments in trilogies that have ended up being considered worse than the first two...
The Week in Film: February 8-14, 2019
5 months ago
Hello and welcome to "The Week In Film," where I give you a recap on everything that happened in the world of film in the past week. I'm gonna give you some box office stats as well as some news and g...
'The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part' Is a Hilarious Time at the Movies and a Worthy Sequel to the Original
5 months ago
After watching the utterly bad Cold Pursuit today, I decided that I need to rinse myself off of that garbage with some good old children's animation. I'm not great at writing introductions, but you're...
'Cold Pursuit' Is a Clunky Revenge Film With a Boring, Sloppily Written Story
5 months ago
AARRRUGGGHHH, it's The Foreigner all over again! Today, I decided to take a trip to the movie theater and watch two new movies. One of them was The Lego Movie 2, and the other one was Liam Neeson's ne...