Judith Moore

I'm an underemployed writer with a college degree I don't really use. In other words, I'm a typical millennial.

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Why Ross Is the Worst "Friend"
4 months ago
As Friends fans, we all have our favorite character. Maybe we love Phoebe for her quirks or Chandler for his quips. Maybe we love Rachel for her fashion sense or Joey for his appetite. Maybe we love Monica because of her talent or we feel bad that she has those parents. Ross isn't completely terrible. After all, he’s intelligent, attractive, and financially stable. Arguably, the Ross/Rachel dynamic is what kept the show running. There are some reasons to like Ross, but that doesn’t mean he beats...
Want to Keep Your New Year's Resolution? Watch ‘BoJack Horseman’
5 months ago
The fifth season of Netflix’s BoJack Horseman forced me to change my life. I finished watching the latest version of the show in October. Thus, while everyone else is making their resolutions—which we...
In the Era of #MeToo, Does Bojack Deserve Our Love?
7 months ago
I finished Season 5 of Bojack Horseman a few weeks ago… and I haven’t been able to watch anything new since then. Countless articles praise the show’s humorous, yet brutally honest look at mental illn...
How 'Bob’s Burgers' Is a Subtly Progressive Show
7 months ago
Bob’s Burgers isn’t the most distinct show on television. It’s not minority-centered like Black-ish or as racially diverse as Brooklyn Nine-Nine. When you’re thinking of the top 10 most progressive or...
How Bob’s Burgers Furthers Acceptance of Gender Nonconformity
7 months ago
A few blogs have marveled at the positives of Bob’s Burgers fresh look at gender. Nevertheless, in July of 2018, the show was scolded like a misbehaving child for having too many men in the main cast....
Peaky Blinders = The Godfather
2 years ago
We love The Godfather Parts I & II. (No one watches III more than once because it’s like eating rotten eggs after an expensive four-course meal.) If we’re honest, it’s mostly because we love watching ...