Judith Moore

I'm an underemployed writer with a college degree I don't really use. In other words, I'm a typical millennial.

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Want to Keep Your New Year's Resolution? Watch ‘BoJack Horseman’
15 days ago
The fifth season of Netflix’s BoJack Horseman forced me to change my life. I finished watching the latest version of the show in October. Thus, while everyone else is making their resolutions—which we...
In the Era of #MeToo, Does Bojack Deserve Our Love?
3 months ago
I finished Season 5 of Bojack Horseman a few weeks ago… and I haven’t been able to watch anything new since then. Countless articles praise the show’s humorous, yet brutally honest look at mental illn...
How 'Bob’s Burgers' Is a Subtly Progressive Show
3 months ago
Bob’s Burgers isn’t the most distinct show on television. It’s not minority-centered like Black-ish or as racially diverse as Brooklyn Nine-Nine. When you’re thinking of the top 10 most progressive or...
How Bob’s Burgers Furthers Acceptance of Gender Nonconformity
3 months ago
A few blogs have marveled at the positives of Bob’s Burgers fresh look at gender. Nevertheless, in July of 2018, the show was scolded like a misbehaving child for having too many men in the main cast....
Peaky Blinders = The Godfather
2 years ago
We love The Godfather Parts I & II. (No one watches III more than once because it’s like eating rotten eggs after an expensive four-course meal.) If we’re honest, it’s mostly because we love watching ...