Kacie Turton

Just an aspiring writer trying to gain experience :)

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Psst, Wanna See My Funkos Again?
3 months ago
Dear Vocal Readers, Oh, the remaining eight Funko Pops in my collection, how I treasure them so. If you feel as though you may have missed something, you probably have. A month ago I posted a story ab...
My 'Supernatural' Fan Theory
3 months ago
Dear Vocal Readers, Oh, Supernatural, how I used to love that show. I was completely and utterly obsessed with the series for a good year where I binged the first nine seasons. This had been a few yea...
Psst, Wanna See My Funkos?
4 months ago
Dear Vocal Readers, Oh, my Funko collection, how it has grown throughout the years. I currently own 16 different Funko Pops, but that number is almost guaranteed to increase when Christmas rolls aroun...
Funkos: Are They Worth It?
4 months ago
Dear Vocal Readers, Oh, Funkos, what crazy collectibles these little things have become. Now, you may dabble in the Funko arts and have a few, or you may be a Funko Junkie who has a serious hoarding c...
Hollywood's Most Easily Avoidable Mistake
4 months ago
Dear Vocal Readers, Oh, Hollywood, one of the most unoriginal things in today's society. Not only has Hollywood failed us when it comes to creating new and exciting content, but it also screws up the ...
Why You Should Give Anime a Chance
7 months ago
Dear Vocal Readers, Oh, anime, what a terrible name it has made for itself. I remember the first time I decided to watch a "true" anime series (By this I mean that it wasn't just a cartoon, but someth...