Kate O'Callaghan

An aspiring female writer from the UK, 20
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ThatWriterWoman

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3 Lesser-Known Youtubers That Will Entertain You For Hours!
13 days ago
To qualify for the 'lesser-known' category, all these youtube artists have less than one million subscribers. All links are at the bottom of the page.
Why Bumbleby Is a Bad Idea
3 months ago
To put it simply, gay rep is damaging to the straight community.
Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets Review
2 years ago
A review and summary of what really stood out in Valerian.
5 Things the RWBY Fandom Needs to Fix
2 years ago
If you don't already know what RWBY is, read this to get informed:
The Help Movie Review
2 years ago
(Minor spoiler warning for the entire article!)
5 Reasons RWBY Is the Show You Should Be Watching Right Now
2 years ago
RoosterTeeth is an online American studio, based in Austin, Texas, that produces online entertainment. Founded in 2003, they have produced some of the most successful series in YouTube history and wit...