Katherine Bullion

I write about TV and Movies or whatever I feel like. Most are set in humor so don't take most of my work too seriously. 

Scarlet Witch and Loki TV Shows
8 months ago
It has been announced that Loki and Scarlet Witch, joined by a few other characters, will be getting their own shows on Disney's new streaming service. I think it'll be interesting to see the directio...
Underrated Shows (Part 2)
a year ago
These are even more shows that I love that I think other people would like as well. Not all of them are Netflix shows like my previous post.
'American Animals'
a year ago
American Animals is a movie about the true events of the Transylvania book heist starring Evan Peters and Barry Keoghan. It was way better then I expected. I thought nothing of the movie and, to be ho...
Underrated Shows (Part 1)
a year ago
This is a list of TV shows that I like but other people don't watch much in no particular order. I watch new shows all the time so I'm considering a part two. Obviously, people have watched these show...