Kelly Hawks

A sci-fi and anime geek at heart, I'm a writer with an eclectic personality by nature. I tend to lean towards humor, but cycle through phases of what inspires me.

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Top 10 Best Weapons to Kill Zombies
10 months ago
Thanks to movies, TV, books, and just plain old common knowledge, we are well aware that zombies eat brains. Ironically, even though brains are a scrumptious delicacy to a zombie, they still need one ...
Top 10 Tips to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse
a year ago
Even though we've seen the scenario played out in the movies and on TV, what would you, or rather, should you do in an honest-to-goodness zombie apocalypse situation? First of all, can this actually h...
Most Hilarious Anime Memes
a year ago
Memes… When you stumble upon them, they can make you smile. They can make you laugh. Hell, they can make you laugh so hard, you cry. And, if they're really funny, they can make you laugh so hard, you ...
W.T.F. Japan? The Most Bizarre Anime Ever
a year ago
Because there are so many genres in anime, every story is different. Many are original, some are confusing, but mainly they’re always entertaining. Then you get the shows that make you feel like you’r...
Anime and My Love/Hate Relationship With It
a year ago
There are those who love anime, and those who absolutely hate it. Those who dislike it certainly have valid reasons, and I’m not going to argue and tell you you’re wrong. Everyone is entitled to their...
Top 5 Most Violent Superheroes
a year ago
As superheroes always do, these guys fight for truth and justice, just maybe not in most conventional of methods. They fight crime, crack some skulls and stack up the bodies for their trip back to hel...