Kenneth Belliveau

I am a father of two amazing kids who loves to write about film, television, culture and sports. Writing has always been a passion of mine and has always been my way of expressing my feelings with the world.

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Netflix Losing Stability Among Original Content
5 months ago
Recently it seems like Netflix has been on a war path of cancellation. It seems rather bold and unpredictable for a streaming service that was almost sure to hand out a season 2 to all original conten...
'Mayans M.C.'—The Long Road to an Incredible First Season
5 months ago
At this point in the game after completing the first season it us undeniable what impact Mayans M.C. has had on long term fans of SoA. It has brought us back to the world of outlaw bikers and violence...
Welcome to Suburbicon
a year ago
Sometimes a complicated plot can sustain itself with multiple layers. Layers to a plot are often required to create a more balanced plot structure to play out over the course of a 2 hour run. Suburbic...
5 Reasons Marvel Has Done Better on Screen Than DC
2 years ago
Marvel and DC are the top two when it comes to recognizable superhero names. So why has one had virtually all the luck on the big screen while the other struggles to find footing amongst the fans? The...
A True Modern Horror Masterpiece
2 years ago
Every now and again there is a film that easily takes us deep into a terrifying and psychologically challenging thrill ride. Stephen King has a tendency to do this with his novels so one could only ho...