Kevin Gardner

How to Bring Your Love for Disney into the Everyday
10 days ago
Spending a day at one of the Disney parks is nothing short of magical. So is going through the Disney store, or watching a movie, or listening to a soundtrack. There’s a buzz that happens when you tru...
Top Reasons Comic Books Are Influential in Adulthood
11 days ago
When the word comic book comes up, many will picture a nerdy child hiding under their blanket with a flashlight reading in the dark. The truth is that comic books are a true pastime for men and women ...
'Star Wars', 'Harry Potter', and the Marvel Universe: Four Reasons They Are the Best Movie Franchises
2 months ago
These are all amazing movie franchises. And if you look strictly at the numbers, the Marvel movies beat everyone worldwide with a gross intake of almost $17.5 billion. Star Wars is second, coming in a...