KJ Proulx

I see as many films as possible to share my thoughts with everyone. We all love movies, but let's be honest, sometimes we would like to hear a few opinions first.

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'Pacific Rim: Uprising' - Movie Review
8 days ago
The first Pacific Rim was a very divisive film. Sure, it had its fair share of fans, but critics and fans either had a blast with it or it just wasn’t for them. For myself, I was on the former end of ...
'Blockers' - Movie Review
8 days ago
About ten years ago, there wasn’t a single argument that would sway me into believing that John Cena would work as a leading man in a comedy because even then he was average at best in some generic ac...
'Rampage' - Movie Review
12 days ago
Movies like Rampage hit the big screen many times each year, but they never stand out from the rest, because they’re meant to appeal to the lowest of demographics. Kids between the ages of 10 and 16 f...
'The Greatest Showman' - Movie Review
13 days ago
I’ve never been over-the-moon about musicals per-say, but any musical that has catchy songs will always have a special place in my heart. If a movie can make me smile through its music, regardless of ...
'Violet Evergarden' - Series Review
13 days ago
I rarely review anime shows, due to the fact that I usually don’t get to them until they’ve been recommended by many people first, but Violet Evergarden was a short series that I felt like getting int...
'Love' - Full Series Review
a month ago
Although Netflix could mean a dark future for cinemas around the world, there’s no denying that its quality television shows aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. The biggest plus that Netflix has going...