KJ Proulx

I see as many films as possible to share my thoughts with everyone. We all love movies, but let's be honest, sometimes we would like to hear a few opinions first.

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'Black Panther' - Movie Review
3 days ago
The Marvel Cinematic Universe has now been around for nearly a decade and not only has it matured as a franchise, but it has also evolved into something worth holding onto for generations to come. Sur...
'Big Little Lies' - Season One Review: Uncomfortable, Disturbing, and Downright Unmissable
6 days ago
Whether or not you watch primetime television and take a chance on a show being good or terrible, or you’re someone who waits to find out if a series is any good once its run has concluded, there are ...
'When We First Met' – Movie Review
10 days ago
Netflix has been known to pick up independent comedies fairly often, and while I’m not opposed to a good quirky comedy, none of them have really stood out on their streaming service. That being said, ...
'Wonder' - Movie Review
12 days ago
Sappy films aren’t everyone's cup of tea, but when a film embraces its sappiness and turns it into something emotionally resonant, then I truly believe that they can be some of the best films out ther...
'12 Strong' - Movie Review
12 days ago
Everyone knows that once the Twin Towers were attacked on September 11, 2001, soldiers went into battle and wars have been occurring ever since. That part is well-known by everyone around the world. T...
'Phantom Thread' - Movie Review
12 days ago
Let me just start by stating that I’m not the biggest fan of director Paul Thomas Anderson. I’m well aware that I have a very unpopular opinion among film fans about that. From his earlier films like ...