L.A Banks

Hello! I'm an experienced copywriter, published author (The Case of the Green-Dressed Ghost) and all-round film buff and music obsessive. If it's weird, you can guarantee I'll like it. Website: www.lucy-banks.co.uk

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The Hidden Meaning of 'Return to Oz'
3 months ago
I’m convinced that children’s films were scarier in the 1980s than they are today. Return to Oz, which was released in 1985, is a prime example. If you’re unfamiliar with the film, let me quickly fill...
Exploring the Hidden Meaning of Twin Peaks
a year ago
I’m a total David Lynch geek. The inaccessibility of his work, which is a huge turn-off to some, just serves to keep me coming back for more. Although I pretty much adore most of his movies, the one L...
The Hidden Meaning of 'Mulholland Drive'
a year ago
Firstly, a full disclaimer. I’m one of those annoying people who can’t just sit and watch a movie; I have to analyse every aspect of it. Admittedly, this is a little over-the-top when you’re watching ...
One Fangirl’s Exploration into David Lynch’s Recurring Motifs
2 years ago
I thought I was well prepared for the latest series of Twin Peaks. My my, how wrong I was. From demons bursting out of eerie glass boxes to decapitated victims, David Lynch’s latest offering packed a ...
The Five Scariest Kid’s Films… EVER
2 years ago
Big news for 80s film geeks. The Dark Crystal will be making a comeback as a 10-episode series, via Netflix. Yes, I’m a woman in her 30s and presumably not their target audience, but nonetheless, this...
The Hidden Meaning of 'Labyrinth'
2 years ago
God, I was obsessed with Labyrinth as a young girl. I still am as an adult, but for rather different reasons – and no, it’s nothing to do with the contents of the Goblin King’s trousers. The main reas...