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How To Build a Made-for-TV Christmas Love Movie
10 months ago
It's November. Time for people who are annoyingly into Christmas to never shut up about all things Christmas. If you, your aunt, or your grandma have a cable subscription this also means an onslaught ...
Do Wizards Have to Follow International Travel Regulations?
a year ago
From the original Harry Potter series and the supplemental material, we know that wizards as portrayed in the series are a global phenomenon, that magical beings from different countries interact with...
Netflix's 'Big Mouth' Will Make You Uncomfortable, but It's Necessary
a year ago
To say that Netflix’s new animated comedy series Big Mouth is not for everyone would be the understatement of the year. The ten-epsiode show, created by Nick Kroll, Andrew Goldberg, and Jennifer Flack...
Autism Is Having a Moment on TV but Not Everyone In the Autistic Community Is Celebrating
a year ago
With The Good Doctor, Atypical, and Young Sheldon recently introduced to the screen, you could say that autism is having a moment in pop culture. The protagonists of these three shows add to a sparse ...