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5 Hidden Horrors of ‘Thor: Ragnarok’
3 months ago
In an unprecedented move, Marvel released three films in 2017, ending its run with Thor: Ragnarok. By now, everyone is aware of what a fun-fest Ragnarok is; in the hands of director Taika Waititi, jokes and gags take the place of broody rhetoric. The film effortlessly puts the ‘comic’ back in comic book adaptation, which has divided some fans due to the subject matter. Ragnarok is the Norse equivalent of the end of days and, irrespective of which era or version in Marvel comics history, has alwa...
The Best Of Bucky: 4 Great MCU Fight Scenes Featuring The Winter Soldier
3 months ago
The films of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, despite their varied tones and styles, are known for their action set pieces. Irrespective of which director is at the helm, the MCU’s mostly formulaic appr...
Seeing Double: The Ever-Shrinking World of Casting in Hollywood Franchises
3 months ago
Over the weekend, veteran Hollywood director Ron Howard teased the latest casting in the Han Solo spin-off: Paul Bettany, the voice of JARVIS and the man behind The Vision. Fans and fellow celebs alik...
'Westworld': The Epitome of the Gaming Industry's Problems?
3 months ago
The #GoldenGlobe nominations have been announced and one of the favorites to bag an award in one of the television series categories is Westworld. Essentially a reboot of the classic film from 1973, t...
Sarah Connor v Wonder Woman: Unpacking the Cameron-Jenkins Feud
3 months ago
Last week, the internet and Twitter blew up in vitriol about #JamesCameron’s comments on the #WonderWoman film. While promoting the new 3D rendition of his now classic science-fiction film Terminator ...
10 Superhero Comic Series We Need To See In Live Action
3 months ago
Superhero season is in full swing. We are fresh off the joyride that was ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ and now await, with no dearth of trepidation, the arrival of DCEU’s ‘Justice League’. Hollywood has been in re...