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Lestat’s Comic Book Review Round-Up – February Week 3, 2019
a month ago
For this week’s Comic Book Review Round-Up, I’ve mostly stuck to my favourite titles. So, find out how Batman, Nightwing, and the Uncanny X-Men are doing, while I also check out Nightcrawler’s antics in Age of X-Man. Finally, don’t miss my reviews of comic book number ones High Level, The Life and Death of Toyo Harada, and Image Comics’ Sharkey the Bounty Hunter.
Lestat’s Comic Book Review Round-Up – February Week 2, 2019
a month ago
There are so many titles out every week, it’s almost a shame that I don’t have time to read them all. This week’s Comic Book Review Round-Up is full of Big Two stuff, plus an early edition of Valiant Comics’ The Forgotten Queen. From DC, I review the new Batman/Flash crossover, Titans #34, The Batman Who Laughs #34 and Wonder Twins #1. From Marvel, there’s more Age of X-Man action and a new Avengers title.
Lestat’s Comic Book Review Round-Up – February Week 1, 2019
2 months ago
This is the first week of February, and my Comic Book Review Round-Up is chock-a-block with some fantastic comics, and some downers. Watch the video and scroll through to read my thoughts on "Batman #64," "Young Justice #2," "Age of X-Man: The Marvelous X-Men #1," "Uncanny X-Men #11," as well as comic book number ones from DC, Valiant, and Image Comics.
Lestat's Comic Book Review Round-Up Week 5, January 2019
2 months ago
I’m celebrating my first month of Comic Book Review Round-Ups with reviews of DC’s Heroes in Crisis #5, Marvel’s X-Force #2; the new alternate timeline series Age of X-Man Alpha #1, as well as a dip back to the final frontier with Star Trek Q Conflict #1.
Lestat's Comic Book Review Round-Up Week 4, January 2019
2 months ago
The penultimate Comic Book Review Round-Up of January has a finger in several comic book pies. This week, I review the conclusion to Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Gaydos’s Pearl book one, there’s also Batman and Constantine fighting it out in Tom King’s Batman #63, Marvel’s Uncanny X-Men Annual #1 brings back Cyclops, and Valiant Comics’s latest issue of X-O Manowar is a good jumping on point for new readers. Finally, I check out a few first issues, including the young adult DC Comics book Na...
Lestat's Comic Book Review Round-Up Week 3, January 2019
2 months ago
It’s been an exciting comic book week. Though several of my favourite series have ended, there’s a handful of new series released that I decided to check out. The majority of the issues I read for my week three Comic Book Review Round-Up were stellar; unfortunately, not all. For DC Comics, Titans #33 was action-packed and pacey and The Batman Who Laughs #2 remains excellent. The conclusion to the X-Men Disassembled arc was outstanding, yet unexpected. I’m really intrigued to know what Marvel has...