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'For Blood or Justice: Stormkind' - Book One Review
3 months ago
Superheroes are all the rage in comic books and on screen, so it was a refreshing change to read a novella featuring superpowered costumed characters in Chuck Regan’s For Blood or Justice, the first n...
Lestat’s Comic Book Review Round-Up—March Week 4, 2019
3 months ago
How did March already end? It’s been a great month of comics, but I close this week’s Comic Book Review Round-Up, with a curtailed list of titles, since one of my regulars has been postponed. However, there’s still plenty to get excited about. I dive into Detective Comics #1000, Heroes in Crisis #7, plus Age of X-Man: X-Tremists #2. For the number ones section, we have Marvel Rising, Dial H for Hero, and Valiant Comics’ highly anticipated Fallen World.
Detective Comics #1000: Ranking the Stories in the Landmark Issue
3 months ago
This March, Batman turned 80 and Detective Comics released its landmark 1000th issue. Detective Comics has now become the longest-running comic series ever, and it seems fitting that this series was the birthplace of the world’s most iconic hero. To celebrate the dual historic moments, DC Comics gathered renowned artists and writers to pay homage to Batman’s legacy as well as visit his past, present and future in a collection of short stories for Detective Comics #1000. Along the way, readers me...
Lestat’s Comic Book Review Round-Up—March Week 3, 2019
3 months ago
A new Comic Book Review Round-Up is here. This time we’ve got Nightwing #58, Batman #67, The Wild Storm #21 and The Life and Death of Toyo Harada #2. For this week’s Round-Up, I’ve eschewed my usual number ones section for an X-Men focus, featuring Uncanny X-Men #14, Age of X-Man: The Amazing Nightcrawler #2, Age of X-Man: Nextgen #2.
Lestat’s Comic Book Review Round-Up—March Week 2, 2019
3 months ago
This week, my Comic Book Review Round-Up includes two Age of X-Man titles, "Apocalypse & the X-Tracts #1 and ‘The Marvelous X-Men’ #2, DC Comics’ Titans #35 and Image Comics’ new series Assassin Nation #1. Instead of comic book number ones, here are some one-shots I enjoyed: "Star Wars: Age Of Republic - General Grievous," "Uncanny X-Men: Winter's End #1" and "The Batman Who Laughs: The Grim Knight #1."
Lestat’s Comic Book Review Round-Up – March Week 1, 2019
3 months ago
We’re into the third month of the year, and I take a look at "Batman #66," the third instalment of Young Justice, "Female Furies #2," and "Uncanny X-Men #13." This week’s number ones include Age of X-Man: Prisoner X, Star Wars: Age Of The Republic—Padmé Amidala #1 and an early look at Image Comics’ Lazarus Risen #1.