Logan M. Snyder

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Top Ten 2019 Movies
4 days ago
The following is the top ten movies coming out in 2019 that I’m most looking forward to. I’ll also explain why they are the movies I’m looking forward to watching. This is not a list of movies I think...
'Manifest' Theory Coming True?
8 days ago
Originally my theory for NBC’s new show Manifest was that the plane was taken by aliens, the passengers were experimented on, and then the plane reappeared five and a half years later. Episode five fu...
Hocus Pocus 2
23 days ago
It has been 25 years since Disney released this film. Over the years there has been several talks about doing a sequel but we never got one. This is my attempt to explain why. The original movie was a...
'New Amsterdam'
a month ago
There’s a new show that takes place in a hospital. There have been plenty of these shows before, ER being arguably the most successful, but this one is supposed to be different. Spoiler alert, it’s no...
'Manifest' Theory, Part 2
a month ago
This is a recap of episode three and four of NBC’s show Manifest and we will decide if my theory that the five year gap in which the passengers and crew disappeared was still pointing to it being alie...
Netflix Cancelled 'Iron Fist'
a month ago
In 2015 Netflix began releasing their Marvel shows that fans were hoping would crossover with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. That crossover never happened. To date they have released two seasons of Da...