Luqman Sattar

I'm just a dude that likes reading comic books and writing my thoughts on em. 

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Who Is the Grim Knight?
9 hours ago
For those of you who have read or are reading Batman Who Laughs, then you know exactly who the Grim Knight is and how he differs from the Batman we are all familiar with. This post is going to go over...
Hulk vs. Weapon H! The Hulk Catches the Flu?
2 months ago
Ever since Weapon H was created in 2018, I've been hoping that he would fight either Wolverine, Hulk, or both because the character is a mix of the two. So when I saw that Hulkverines came out I was p...
A New Green Lantern?
2 months ago
The Young Justice comic book series has re-started in time with the debut of Young Justice season three. However, the two are not connected. Between the show and the comics, we find that the team rost...
The Personas of Jason Todd
3 months ago
Most people that are familiar with Batman know that he usually has a sidekick at his side, a Robin. Over the years there have been a number of Robins that have fought crime with Batman. In this post, ...
Alternate Versions of Spider-Man: Vault of Spiders #1
5 months ago
Continuing with the various versions of Spider-Man throughout the Marvel Multiverse, we will be looking at one of the Spider-Verse tie-ins that highlights some stories of different versions of Spider-...
Alternate Version of Spider-Man: Flash Thompson
5 months ago
I'm actually glad that Marvel is making What If stories again because they give us different spins on the characters we love, but also it gives writers the chance to write the stories they want with t...