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I'm just a dude that likes reading comic books and writing my thoughts on em. 

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'Hulk Vs. Hotshot: The Human Ray Gun!'
3 days ago
I'm finally covering the Immortal Hulk 'Issue #3,' and you can slowly see pieces of a puzzle start to come together. Really, Al Ewing is doing a fantastic job with Bruce Banner and The Hulk. I'm reall...
Lesser Known Marvel Characters: Who Is Sasquatch?
3 days ago
Everybody knows who the Hulk is, and some may know that there are other Hulks (or there were) in the Marvel Universe. Among these other Hulks are Abomination, A-Bomb, Doc Samson, and She-Hulk to name ...
Road to the X-Men/Inhuman War (Part 1)
7 days ago
In this post, we are going to be going over the first issue of Death of X by Jeff Lemire and Charles Soule, which is awesome because I love both of their writing. Death of X is a four-issue mini-serie...
Summary and Review of 'The Sentry #1'
10 days ago
Some people consider The Sentry to be Marvel's Superman, but I feel like he is more comparable to Shazam from DC Comics. I know next to nothing about the Sentry but I do know enough to give you a basi...
Profile Update: August 2018
12 days ago
Just a fairly quick post about updates with my profile. I've decided to take a step back and go over the everything that was part of the ResurrXion event that began in March of 2017 and follow all of ...
Multiple Man and His Multiple Men!
15 days ago
I've never taken the time to get to know who Multiple Man is in the Marvel Universe, so I thought I would give this title by Matt Rosenberg a shot—and man is this title hilarious. From my experience, ...