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I'm just a dude that likes reading comic books and writing my thoughts on em. 

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PS4 Spider-Man Meets Superior Spider-Man! (Spoilers!)
5 months ago
Okay so we are getting into Spider-Geddon #0. Most of it was because the Spider-Man from the recently released PS4 game makes his first comic appearance. I just want to say really quickly that the Spi...
The Versions of Wolverine on 'Earth-616' (Main Marvel Universe)
7 months ago
If you are reading mainstream comics recently, then you may know that there are quite a few Wolverines running around in the main Marvel Universe. Some of these Wolverines are children of the original...
Time-Traveling Dinosaurs and 9-Year-Old Super Geniuses
7 months ago
I've finally decided to get around to Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur, but never had the time to read it until now. This run started back in 2016 and was written by Brandon Montclare and Amy Reeder, with...
A Man Loyal to the Dream
7 months ago
We're going into the first issue of the Captain America run by Ta Nehisi Coates because I have heard very good things about his writing, and his run on Black Panther. And I have to say, that Coates kn...
'Hulk Vs. Hotshot: The Human Ray Gun!'
7 months ago
I'm finally covering the Immortal Hulk 'Issue #3,' and you can slowly see pieces of a puzzle start to come together. Really, Al Ewing is doing a fantastic job with Bruce Banner and The Hulk. I'm reall...
Lesser Known Marvel Characters: Who Is Sasquatch?
7 months ago
Everybody knows who the Hulk is, and some may know that there are other Hulks (or there were) in the Marvel Universe. Among these other Hulks are Abomination, A-Bomb, Doc Samson, and She-Hulk to name ...