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10 Things that Totally Date 'The Gilmore Girls, and 3 Things that Stood the Test of Time
a month ago
While The Gilmore Girls is a timeless show, there are some aspects (like any show from the 90s) that just did not age well. Love lives, careers, and family drama might not change, but thankfully fashi...
Times When 'The Gilmore Girls' Is the Literal Worst
3 months ago
The Gilmore Girls is a lot of things to a lot of people. It is a happy, cozy show about familial closeness and the prettiness of New England weather. It is about friendships carrying you through hard ...
8 'Gilmore Girl' Mysteries
4 months ago
Gilmore Girls is the TV equivalent of mashed potatoes; it’s comfort food for the brain. No matter how crappy things are in the real world, there’s always the Bracebridge Dinner, Luke and Lorelai waltz...
7 Times Emily Gilmore Did Not Deserve Lorelai’s Crap
5 months ago
Lorelai Gilmore is what many of us aspire to be: beautiful, quick-witted, able to eat whatever she wants and still fit into those tiny jeans. She’s the cool mom who overcame teen pregnancy, as well as...