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Ravenclaw or Pukwudgies
2 days ago
During the release of each Harry Potter book, and the years after, readers all around the world believed that there were only three wizarding schools in existence, and they were all in Europe: Durmstr...
When Do You Stop Reading Children's Books?
5 days ago
I didn’t get invested in reading until the seventh grade; I was about 13. Already considered a teen, my reading level in general should be fairly high. I remember the class assigned book was The Hobbi...
8 days ago
Not everybody has enough time to pick up a book to read or watch something on television, so podcasts were created to grace the ears of millions, manifesting entertainment and storytelling into voices...
Light Novels
14 days ago
Light novels, novels that are light; done, end of definition, thanks for reading… Well not quite. The term “light novel” is used in Japan to loosely describe a subgroup of literature that can be compa...
Midnight Kids
18 days ago
The magical moment when a book is opened for the first time by a reader is by far the greatest moment for not only a book lover but by the author. The moment a story begins is not when it is written b...