Marjorie Roden

I make dramatic and documentary films, and have been known from time to time act and create visual art. And I also love hockey, hence why I write about it a lot! I also work professionally as a freelance writer and photographer in Canada!

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'TRIBUTE' Is Completely Done... For Now!
8 months ago
When I wrote earlier about the problem that a certain parent gave me about photos taken on set, this was the film of mine I was talking about. It is called TRIBUTE, and for the most part, is set in Ru...
Shields and Capes, I Stitch
9 months ago
So, what does Coach Mousie do in her off-season when she is not covering hockey (other than going a tad stir crazy missing her Jets and her Bisons)? Well, from April until the end of July, I was finis...
The Double-Edged Sword of Social Media
a year ago
I am a filmmaker. I have always loved to write. When I'm not telling other people's important stories as a journalist, I am creating worlds of my own, as an indie filmmaker under my production company...