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Admin at Oregon State University/College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science; Author of Haveck: The First Transhuman; Creator of; Guest writer for Geeks, and others!

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'John Wick' Mysteries Solved
21 days ago
John Wick wasn't supposed to be this big of a hit. Keanu Reeves had starred in a string of small productions after 2003's The Matrix Revolutions, and a few near misses like Constantine and The Day the...
Masculinity, Marvel-Style
2 months ago
Masculinity is too often measured in many of “x” men can do… how many pounds bench pressed how many miles ran how many dollars made how many partners slept with how many beers pounded...
What If Black Panther's Killmonger Had Won?
a year ago
Erik Killmonger's last line in Black Panther was uncomfortable. Sitting in the theater, I felt angry that Marvel had just made me feel a resounding empathy for their psychotic villain (and make no mis...
History of the Heisenberg Hat from 'Breaking Bad'
2 years ago
DANGER! This post isn't for casual Breaking Bad fans... Enter only if you have a deep yearning—a yearning, I say!—to learn Black Belt Nerd-level minutia about the history of the Heisenberg pork pie. O...
35 Habit-Forming Facts for 'Breaking Bad' Addicts
2 years ago
This is the article who knocks! So look no further for your Breaking Bad trivia fix; we've got what you need, baby... Go on; take a taste. It's 99% pure!
7 of My Favorite Worst Movie Quotes from Popular Films
2 years ago
We expect terrible dialogue in terrible movies, but sometimes we get caught off guard by really bad lines in otherwise good--or even great--flicks. And then there are times when the lines are bad and ...