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Admin at Oregon State University/College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science; Author of Haveck: The First Transhuman; Creator of; Guest writer for Geeks, and others!

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90’s Hero Movies Well Worth Another Watch
3 years ago
For every action there’s an equal but opposite reaction, or something like that. And so, to pay for the sins of the 80’s, the 90’s were born…and with them lurched a slew of “dark” hero films crafted a...
Breaking the Spell of Doctor Strange
3 years ago
Doctor Strange is a titanic jerk. If I had to pick any Marvel Cinematic Universe character—including the villains—to have a latte and scone with, Stephen Strange would be between Malekith (Thor 2) and...
Iron Man’s Box Office Invincibility
3 years ago
With the mystic entry of Marvel’s hot n’ fresh cinema star Doctor Strange, it’s time for a peek back at who fired the MCU’s boosters in the first place. SHARP ZOOM IN on: Iron Man!
Which Watchman Was the Worst?
3 years ago
The city may fear him, but Rorschach is a bigoted virgin who never bathes and eats cold beans from the can.
I Think We Should Talk Midi-Chlorians
3 years ago
Spoiler Alerts: This article contains spoilers for Star Wars Episodes I – VII. It assumes the reader has knowledge of all those films…so if you have not seen them all, then proceed at your own risk!