Matthew Frati

Primarily a poet, but I also write prose. I've self published three books of poetry and a novel. I love and write about all kinds of music, art, literature, films, television and comic books.  
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What's Next for the Man of Steel?
a month ago
Ok, so if you're a diehard DCEU fan like me (meaning you like MOS and BvS and not only Wonder Woman), there's a good chance that you weren't blown away by Justice League. Yes, the film accomplished wh...
Justice League
7 months ago
Well, the moment that diehard DC Comics fans have eagerly awaited most of their lives finally arrived this past week with the release of the feverishly anticipated Justice League film. The fans knew t...
I Am Also a We
8 months ago
Have you ever met someone and right off the bat felt such an immediate and deep connection to them as if you'd known them your entire life, as if you were sharing the same thoughts, the same feelings?...
An "Atypical" Review
9 months ago
One of the greatest features of Netflix is the constant stream of new films and shows available to watch. A few weeks ago, I happened to stumble upon a Netflix original series called Atypical. I'm not...
Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
9 months ago
It's been almost a year and a half since Zack Snyder brought the world's two most famous superheroes, Batman and Superman, together on the big screen for the first time ever in Batman v Superman: Dawn...