Matthew Kresal

Matthew Kresal was born and raised in North Alabama though he never developed a Southern accent. His essays have been featured in numerous books and his first piece of fiction was published in the anthology Blood, Sweat, And Fears in 2016.

'White Man's Burden': Reality Just Changed Sides
19 hours ago
One of the things that film can do is give the viewer a new perspective. It can be an empathetic medium, allowing us to see the world through a different pair of eyes. Or even turn the world on its he...
Viewing 'The Man From U.N.C.L.E.' Film
11 days ago
Anyone with even a modicum of interest in the spy genre will be aware of The Man From U.N.C.L.E. TV series from the 1960s. It's one of those shows that, even if like me you've seen next to nothing of,...
Cops, Mystics, and Steampunk
12 days ago
One is often told not to judge a book by its cover. Yet when it comes to The Precinct, however, that was precisely what caught my attention. Perhaps that it isn't surprising given it is a graphic nove...
Bond: The Living Daylights At 30
23 days ago
Once upon a time, the James Bond film series was in trouble. Despite financial success, the series seemed to have sputtered somewhat with the last two Roger Moore Bond outings. When Moore confirmed he...
Old Man 'Logan'
2 months ago
There is the old saying that tells us that “all good things must end.” For Hugh Jackman, the actor who has played Marvel's comic book character Wolverine since 2000, now would seem a good time to say ...
King Charles III Review
2 months ago
"What if?" It is that question that lies at the heart of all storytelling. No matter the medium, no matter what the genre, it all comes back to that same basic question. King Charles III is no excepti...