Matthew Kresal

Matthew Kresal was born and raised in North Alabama though he never developed a Southern accent. His essays have been featured in numerous books and his first piece of fiction was published in the anthology Blood, Sweat, And Fears in 2016.

Review - 'Ruled Britannia'
2 months ago
In 1588, Britain faced the threat of invasion by the Spanish Armada, sent by Catholic King Phillip II against the Protestant Elizabeth I. History records that the Armada failed of course and Britain w...
Review: Batman - Gotham By Gaslight
3 months ago
“What if?” stories have always been popular with the chance to re-imagine events or people in a different light. Comics, in particular, have made much use of the idea with DC dedicating an entire rang...
Very British Thrillers
5 months ago
Chances are you've heard of James Bond and George Smiley. You might even have heard of their creators, Ian Fleming and John le Carré. Have you heard of Alistair MacLean, Alan Hall, Francis Clifford, T...
Kevin J. Anderson's 'Captain Nemo'
9 months ago
There are few authors whose works have stood the test of time more than Jules Verne. With a handful of classic novels and characters, he created timeless tales of adventure and science fiction. Suppos...
Spies, Moles, And 'The Game'
10 months ago
It seems as though the Cold War spy thriller is making something of a come back in recent years. The last few years have seen a spate of new adaptations of the classic Cold War era works of author Joh...
Review: 'The Trinity Six'
10 months ago
For those with an interest in espionage, the Cambridge Five remain well known. Five graduates of Trinity College Cambridge, the group infiltrated high levels positions inside the British government be...