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A fan of film and tv aspiring to be a somewhat good writer. 

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'Can You Ever Forgive Me?' Is the Most Underrated Oscar-Nominated Film of the Year
3 days ago
This year’s Oscars saw some of the world’s most popular films actually be nominated in the best picture whether they merited a nomination or not. It achieved an enormous amount of media coverage for d...
What the Emmys Got Right (and Wrong) in This Year’s Nominations
5 days ago
Today’s television landscape is so vast and grand that widdling down hundreds of shows to produce six to eight nominees must be a pretty thankless task, and one that will surely not please everyone. Y...
'Toy Story 4' Is a Beautifully Animated Film That Somehow Manages to Extend a Perfect Franchise
18 days ago
I remember watching Toy Story 3 in the cinema when I was a child; and as the credits rolled, thinking that there really was no need to be concerned that another sequel was coming to two perfect films ...
'The Handmaid’s Tale' Remains a Showcase for Outstanding Acting But It’s Really Fumbling for Story
a month ago
The Handmaid’s Tale has thus far given four actresses Emmy-winning roles, and landed many other award nominations for its amazing visuals. Yet the same issues that plagued Game of Thrones are arising ...
'Booksmart' Is Genuinely the Most Laugh-Out-Loud Teen Film in Years
2 months ago
The coming-of-age genre has been on a recent hot streak in Hollywood with Eighth Grade, The Florida Project and the Edge of Seventeen all providing insight and humour to the plight of young people tod...
A Pitch-Black Comedy Became the Most Intense Show on TV in 'Barry'
2 months ago
Barry is gifted with a rather peculiar premise that would not be out of place on a sketch show. It makes sense that comedy can be wrung out of a hitman’s quest to find himself in art of theatre, but t...