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A fan of film and tv aspiring to be a somewhat good writer. 

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'The Favourite' Is One of the Wildest Best Picture Nominees I’ve Ever Seen
6 days ago
Period dramas aren’t something that I actively seek out to watch in my free time, and the genre label is quite off-putting for me. However, every once in a while they’ll be one that nearly everyone is...
'Ralph Breaks the Internet' Genuinely Gave Me One of the Most Surprising Cinematic Experiences of 2018
14 days ago
Ralph Breaks the Internet has become something of an in-joke between my friends and I since we saw it on a whim over a month ago. We’d all grown up watching the weird, half-baked, direct-to-DVD Disney...
Why Isn’t 'Wildlife' a Bigger Player at This Year’s Awards Season?
a month ago
This year’s award season has been quite perplexing for numerous reasons, with the usual "prestige" pictures being removed in favour of lazy and problematic crowd-pleasing films that seem to be present...
'Lodge 49' Has the Most Realistic Ensemble of Any Show This Year
2 months ago
In an era full of shock value, big moment television with more and more shows having bigger budgets or acting as star vehicles to talented A-list Hollywood actors, Lodge 49 is a massive change of pace...
Top 10 Underrated Simpsons Episodes
3 months ago
My picks for those that should be hailed as much as classics like 'Cape Feare,' 'Rosebud,' and 'Itchy and Scratchy Land.'
Do Yourself a Favour and See 'Widows' Instead of 'The Crimes of Grindelwald'
3 months ago
Watching Widows in the cinema was one of the most intense and brutal big screen experiences I've had this year and ever really. The film is a pulpy, spectacularly crafted thrill-ride with high emotion...