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A fan of film and tv aspiring to be a somewhat good writer. 

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Top 10 Underrated Simpsons Episodes
a month ago
My picks for those that should be hailed as much as classics like 'Cape Feare,' 'Rosebud,' and 'Itchy and Scratchy Land.'
Do Yourself a Favour and See 'Widows' Instead of 'The Crimes of Grindelwald'
a month ago
Watching Widows in the cinema was one of the most intense and brutal big screen experiences I've had this year and ever really. The film is a pulpy, spectacularly crafted thrill-ride with high emotion...
Netflix Should Have Given 'Mudbound' More Time in the Cinema
a month ago
Netflix has caused quite a fair bit of controversy over their distribution of acclaimed films recently and it's pretty easy to see why. A prime case study to explore this is Dee Rees's splendid adapta...
'Homecoming' Is a Fun Little Show That You Should Be Watching
a month ago
Director Sam Esmail, before he releases the final season of cult favourite series Mr. Robot, takes a diversion here in adapting the infamous podcast for the small screen with a television debut with H...
For the Perfect Binge, Watch “Sharp Objects”
a month ago
Last year, director Jean-Marc Vallée gave us the sublime Big Little Lies that gave viewers the chance to watch A-List Hollywood actresses use their amazing onscreen abilities in an enticing murder mys...
'A Star Is Born' (2018) Is a Tearjerker That Brings a Hollywood Classic into the 21st Century
2 months ago
The immediate acclaim rising right away from Bradley Cooper’s re-adaptation of A Star is Born surprised, due to the pessimistic attitude brought to many remakes and reboots that are so prominent in th...