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A fan of film and telly just giving writing a go. 

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'Eighth Grade' Gives Young People a Real Look at Mental Health
9 days ago
It’s always surprising when a well-known comic personality delivers something of real poignancy and Bo Burnham’s film debut Eighth Grade is a key example of this. I would be hard-pressed to name a mor...
'Castle Rock’s' "The Queen" Showed Us the Nightmare of Being Trapped in Your Own Memories
11 days ago
Throughout its marketing, Castle Rock appeared to be a huge amalgamation of King’s works into one massive universe that we’ve seen become increasingly popular in both film and television. Yet I’m not ...
'Forever' Takes an In-depth Look at Life’s Commitments
a month ago
Forever is an incredibly peculiar and offbeat show whose tone is so singular and unique that it’s so difficult to describe. Like a lot of modern comedies, the show is both poignant and playful whilst ...
Review: 'The Florida Project' Is the Tragic-Comic Fairytale of Today
a month ago
Indie realist pioneer Sean Baker has accomplished what most film-makers struggle to do with his most recent release- The Florida Project- in that through cinematic means he has captured the very spiri...
The 'Infinity War' Ending Was Probably a Huge Hoax, and the James Gunn Controversy Supports That
2 months ago
Avengers: Infinity War's arguably most memorable moment, that even detractors of the MCU agree on, sets the film apart from a very overcrowded market of superhero films with endless origin stories and...
Marge Is One of the Funniest Yet Most Under-Appreciated Simpsons Characters
2 months ago
Often overshadowed by her husband’s antics, when Marge finds herself in the spotlight for even for just a second, she delivers some of the most absurd and hilarious lines which can be forgotten under ...