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I am a self-published author, raised in a small town on a family farm in Indiana. I

 have published a handful of books so far, and I have plans for many more! Interested in more? Check out my website! *

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'Rick and Morty' Season 4
2 months ago
Another Rick and Morty season is on its way in November! With fans anxiously awaiting new episodes, its time to show support and keep the hype going! At the bottom are some products from the Mel E. Fu...
A Future Classic
3 months ago
Having witnessed first-hand that this creation is even loved by those who don't like "Fiction," I will bet that this will become a classic, just like other wild and heart-wrenching shows like Breaking...
Rick's Suicide Attempt
a year ago
I think almost every Rick and Morty fan shed tears in this scene. Not only does he show a side of himself that he hides and covers up so well, but he gives into it. He usually comes off as an unfeeling and careless man who can jump around without any attachments and without any regrets. But after watching the show all the way through multiple times, I have come to notice more and more of his character traits that surpass the people who just watch the show believing it has no deeper meanings and ...